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But in the most ill-advised move of all time, twenty minutes after their heart-to-heart chat, Chidgey goes after his former flame's best mate. Despite everything kicking off when Jenna went topless while on stage with Teesh and when she attempted to sing the weave-obsessive's own song, the boobylicious princess decides to show off a new routine on her friend's big night. But while we're counting down the hours until we can watch the carnage, we're already fretting about the series ending. Where are we going to get our weekly car crash TV now? The gang's antics in Dublin had the crowd in shock [MTV]. The "live sex show", as Jenna called it, was the wildest thing we've ever seen on the no holds barred series, so we didn't really know how the finale could top it.

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When we took them out of Cardiff and put them in other cities, they caused even more carnage.

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For Lateysha's 21st birthday, the diva forces all the housemates to dress up as her peasants to bow down to their royal highness, but this leaves the ever-wise Nicole a tad confused, saying: So if we put them in other cities abroad… it will be bedlam. Valleywood Nights on Tour saw the house travelling to Liverpool, Bristol and Dublin, and had us watching their bonkers antics through our fingers. At the end of every series, we let someone go, so there's always going to be a surprise in store. Jordan will be forced to accompany his employees on a tour of European party destinations, and it sounds like the businessman is already dreading it, saying: While Carley has had a few — well, when have they not had a few?

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