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You know, dead dead. Preferring solitude, even among the timid plant-like species, Mandragora are known for being exceptionally timid and cowardly, although this is not so much due to xenophobia as being due to extreme shyness. However, much to Kino's confusion, instead of accepting money as payment the broker demanded for reasons currently unknown that she wander around the Kurusu house, which she did until she was found by Papi and brought into the house. Mischievous by nature, a Devil's ears are capable of direction-focused hearing and are employed for the purposes of extremely effective eavesdropping. Unlike chickens, their appearance is natural, not selectively bred. Both Oct and Kyure are Scylla. Lizardfolkor Lizardmenare a demihuman race that possess lizard-like attributes such as claws, scales and a detachable tail.

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They keep dividing to produce stronger individual slimes [and that] even amongst other slimes

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Stronger and larger than regular Ogres, Trolls can reach heights over three meters tall. The race has a tendency to don armaments akin to those of European knights and follow a similar code of honor somewhat akin to that followed by medieval knights. Quick to anger and relentlessly clingy, her love for her master is terrifyingly strong, especially for someone that can easily crush squishy humans, or monsters, by accident. They have deer-like horns, and long tails. I was trying to write a story in a genre I had never tried before and was having a hard time getting started. She originally appeared to have a slight crush on Kimihito verified by Suubut currently has an opinion of him as "completely useless". The only seen Orcs were part of a small terrorist group demanding an increase of Orc content in mainstream erotic manga until they were apprehended by MON.

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